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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lauren Pittard- CofC New Student Orientation & REACH Program

Building the Bridge to the Future for College of Charleston students

By Cristobal Garcia King

Lauren Pittard (second on the bottom left) with other staff members of the College of Charleston 2010 Orientation.

Lauren Pittard is thrilled to be part of the Cougar Volunteer Spirit website.

When I told Lauren about the interview she was very excited and couldn't wait to be asked questions about her volunteering.

She is a kind and joyful soul that likes to help others and is always there for you.

She became a member of the Orientation Staff in 2010 and currently works with the REACH Program helping students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities here at the College of Charleston.

For Lauren, “Worry is the law of attraction working against you.”


Hometown; Augusta, Ga

Major: Psychology

Graduation: May 2011

Volunteer Activities: I became a member of the Orientation Staff in 2010 and I recently started helping members of the REACH program here at the college. I’m also part of the Student Leadership Center and back home I do some volunteer work for one of the local churches.

What do you enjoy most about the orientation program and volunteering?

I like helping other people out. In Orientation, for the new students it is always helpful to have a guiding experience around campus and I enjoy showing them the college and making things easier for them, that way they know how where everything is before the semester starts.

I just want to help. I enjoy helping others. Volunteering is very rewarding.

How do you think your friends and family would describe you?

My friends and family see me as how I am…I am a caring and kind person who wants to help the people who most need it.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about being part of the orientation staff or volunteer program?

You have to be passionate whatever you do. You have to enjoy helping others. At first it sounds easy, but it is hard work. When I volunteer I find peace and I feel good.

What have been your most memorable experiences?

Life at college in general has been a memorable experience. I’ve found wonderful people here at the college and I like to be close to the beach.

College is a learning experience and it has been memorable all the way.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I’ll be very happy and I want to go back to Augusta for a few months. I like teaching and I hope to find a good opportunity in the education community. I will never give up till I find what I want.


College of Charleston New Student Orientation


Phone: 843-953-2017


REACH Program

Phone: 843-953-4811


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