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Thursday, March 24, 2011

SUSANNA BRYLAWSKI- American Field Service

To Ghana and Back
By Janae Tanti 
Susanna (center) with two orphans in Ghana 

Susanna Brylawski isn't your typical college girl. Rather than spending free her free time after school hanging out with friends, she's spent her afternoons feeding the homeless. Instead of heading to the beach to get a tan, Susanna chose to dedicate her summer to teaching geography to orphans in Ghana. 

With her crazy, curly hair piled atop of her head, skin spotted with red and yellow paint, and donning welding boots, Susanna took the time from her artistic endeavors to tell me about her love affair with helping people. Eyes wide and bright, she told me of her plans to change the world, armed only with her two God-given hands. 

About Susanna Brylawski...
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Major: Physics
Expected Date of Graduation: Spring 2013

Volunteer Activities:
I volunteered at my church's soup kitchen throughout high school. I prepared and served dinner to over 200 people. In 2010, I traveled to Accra, Ghana to work in two orphanages. The first one, Peace and Love orphanage, I cleaned and pained their dormitories and other facilites. The second place, Hope and Love Foster Home, I taught kids geography. 

What Do You Enjoy Most About Community Service: 
I love knowing that I have helped others at no cost to our society. 

Most Memorable Volunteer Experience
My most memorable volunteer experience was at Peace and Love Orphanage. One of my friends volunteering with me became really close with an orphan. During out last day of service, the little girl gave my friend a touching letter saying that she would never forget their friendship. My friend broke down in tears. 

What Are You Most Proud of Contributing to Your Organization(s): 
I am most proud of contributing with just my set of hands. There is nothing I could have accomplished on my own. I could have never accomplished anything by myself, but knowing that my set of hands was part of a greater force makes me really proud. 

How Have You Personally Benefitted From Volunteering: 
Volunteering at my Church's soup kitchen has made me not afraid of the homeless and mentally disabled people. 

What Would You Tell Someone Who Is Thinking About Volunteering
I would tell someone who is thinking of volunteering to go for it! There are so many ways to benefit from volunteering. It can only make your community, or other's community, a better place. 

How Do You Think Your Friends and Family Would Describe You: 
My friends and family would describe me as a person tolerable of anything. I am able to get along with anyone and feel comfortable anywhere. 

What Are Your Plans After Graduation: 
After graduation, I would like to set out on my journey of making the Earth a better place. I would like to make people more tolerable of each other and ease the destructive relationship the Earth's people have with nature. 

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