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Monday, March 28, 2011


"Y" She Helps
By Peter Thompson

Tricia helping a young man with his homework at Charleston's Cannon Street Y

Our first meeting was at Starbucks on Calhoun Street and we simply exchanged numbers and got a feeling of each other’s personalities.  The more I got to know Tricia the more impressed I was with her enthusiasm.  Tricia said that she grew up in a neighborhood where YMCA wasn’t in her community.  As a result she strongly believes a lot of people from her area were uneducated.

ABOUT TRICIA CASE..Hometown:  Dallas, Tex.
Major:  Arts Management
Graduation:  May 2011
Volunteer Activities:  I along with a few other College of Charleston students volunteer a few times a week at the YMCA on Cannon Street, tutoring and playing with the children after school.  In a typical I go up to the YMCA three to four days a week.  I typically take Friday off because I play softball.

What do you enjoy most about community service? 
I really enjoy helping out the children.  Nothing excites me like the look on their face when they figure out a math problem, or simply finish their homework.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I can help others grow and learn.  It really is one of the best feelings to know that you have helped some of the more unfortunate kids in our community.  I get a great sense of satisfaction doing this and I plan to continue to help kids with my career.
How do you think your friends and family would describe you? 
I think they would all describe me as very caring and nurturing

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?  I would tell them that they really won’t know how good it feels until they try it.  Several years ago I had no idea that a little volunteer work could change how I felt that day.  It will give you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone else.
What has been your most memorable volunteer experience? My most memorable experiences have a lot to do with the sorority that I am involved in.  I am a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and have had numerous fun experiences with my sisters.  I also have a lot of good memories working at the YMCA.  Playing basketball or duck duck goose with the little ones brings a smile to my face every day.
What are your plans after graduation? Well I am not positive, but I would like to be able to continue to work and help children.  I believe I could make a great social worker or something along those lines.  Law School is always in the back of my head as well.

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